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Need to reach a specific market niche in Canada or elsewhere?

We offer multilingual services for all your communication materials: English, French, Portuguese (Brazilian and European) and Spanish. For other languages please inquiry.


  • DIRECT MAIL: Sales and informative material usually sent to large numbers of prospective customers via post or via emai

  • MARKETING COLLATERAL: Communication pieces written and designed to inform and sell a product or service by highlighting its benefits and added value.

  • MEDIA RELEASES: Documents pertaining to a product or message, written specifically to engage and interest members of the media.

  • EDITING: Reading and correcting documents for language, vocabulary, accuracy, and clarity of content.

  • EMPLOYEE MANUALS: Internal document that outlines organizational values, and orients employees to the organization’s brand standards.

  • EXHIBITION WRITING: Time-measured copy written to explain items on display at museums, trade shows, and other showcase events.

  • GHOST WRITING: A collaboration in which a skilled writer writes anonymously for someone with an idea but who lacks the necessary writing skills

  • PACKAGING COPY: Words on packaging material created to inform buyers of a product’s benefits or to highlight salient points about consumption.

  • SEO KEYWORDS: Words on a website written for the dual purpose of creating reader engagement and relevance for indexing by search bots.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Content created and uploaded to online platforms with the purpose of reaching and engaging large numbers of people.

  • SPEECH WRITING: Words written for the primary purpose of engaging the auditory senses where tone, projection, and pace are carefully considered.

  • TAGLINES AND NAMES: A word, short phrase, or sentence that underpins a major attribute or benefit. The science of nomenclature, driven by culture.

  • TECHNICAL WRITING: Presentation of data, information, or a set of instructions to experts. Translation of jargon into clear terms to aid understanding.

  • TELEMARKETING SCRIPTS: Conversations in which telemarketers and customers are active participants in a dialog, not passive recipients in a monolog.

  • TENDERS AND PROPOSALS: Bids made under competition to secure contracts and rights to work on a project. Pitches made to win an account.

  • WEBSITE CONTENT: Words and images on a website are purposefully selected to communicate the site’s purpose and benefits to viewers.

  • WHITE PAPERS: Findings and presentation of information that purports to be the definitive collection of ideas on a certain topic or issue.

  • RESEARCH: Gathering relevant information from authoritative and reliable sources for the purposes of accuracy and relevance.

  • COMMERCIALS: Copywriting for television, radio, print, and online media to capture attention in order to communicate your message.